Children’s Homes

Our Children’s Homes are a unique set of children’s homes. Each haven re-creates a home environment for children who have lost theirs. There is order and routine and homework, but there are also walks and ice-cream nights and outings. There are long talks with with children who feel defeated by life and there is journeying with prospective parents who need good counsel and great information as they pursue adoption. At the Havens we want to be the hands of Christ to touch, to heal and to bring wholeness and guidance to vulnerable and abandoned children. In a continent over-burdened with an orphan crisis, Havens want to be a beautiful and Godly part of the answer.


We have two Baby Havens in Windsor East for babies aged 0-2 years; Adler Haven in Kensington for babies and children aged 0-7 years; and Westrand Child Havens (Child Haven and Boys Haven) in Florida for children over the age of 2.


Our first haven, Baby Haven, opened in 2003 when a series of local news articles highlighted the large numbers of babies being abandoned in local hospitals. Poverty and hopelessness were destroying many mother/child relationships so HP Pastors David and Caroline Webb responded by opening Baby Haven. West Rand Child Havens’ first haven opened in December 2007 in response to a child welfare agency’s plea for more homes for older children. Another child haven, specifically for older boys opened early in September 2012. Adler Haven opened in January 2009 when the “Adler Trust” made a family home available for opening a new haven for babies and toddlers. The second Baby Haven opened in September 2013 and we are working on third which will open towards the end of 2014.


We always need extra hands to help care for the children. If you would like to help out in any way, please contact us.

Prayer Support
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His Havens operates entirely on donations. Our commitment to you is integrity and trustworthiness and an “open books” policy in all financial matters.

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We are happy to use your gift where it is most needed. However, if your gift is for a specific home, feel free to name that home in the reference section of our gift and we will honour your request.

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For more information on our Children’s Havens, please visit or contact Candace Sutton at or on 076 731 7248. You can also follow us on Facebook.